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Betfan describe themselves as a dedicated team of professionals committed to spicing up your sports betting activity. Betfan is a Limited Company operating out of Bromley in Kent. They claim to be the UK’s biggest tipster platform with almost 86,000 members and offer a wide range of free and premium services.

As soon as you visit the site you are invited to sign up to receive free daily tips and previews by email. All you need to do is provide your name and email and accept the terms and conditions. You do not even need a Betfan login to view the day’s selected free tips. Simply click on the link next to the home button and you can view the tips online.

There is also a free Betting Development programme, incorporating free tips with advice on how to take your betting to the next level. This promises tips and tricks sent by email to help you bet like a professional. Betfan also pledges to keep you informed on the latest bookmaker offers so that you don’t miss out on the best deals.

Immediately beneath the invitation to subscribe, you will find the current Betfan Tipster Champions. They list their top performing services over the last three months with a link to each tipster’s profile page. Towards the bottom of the page you can read the latest Betfan blog posts. There is a handy menu that allows you to access blog posts as far back as June 2016. Although they are listed under “News”, many of them appear to be promoting the service or link through to downloading back issues of the Betfan Tips Magazine.

When you click on the link, the magazine is downloaded in pdf format. Articles include “Punting Strategies” by The Champagne Kid and “Trackside in Ireland” by Declan O’Donoghue. There are statistics for the upcoming festival meetings, highlighting any draw bias and significant trends. The nature of tipping means that many of the articles are time specific but it’s an easy read and no doubt there will be some useful pointers within the nine pages. As a free service, it is certainly worth a look when the new edition is published.

The site also provides daily race cards with their own unique ratings. The Betfan Racecards are free to access via a drop-down link under “More” on the home page. Click on any race from your chosen meeting to bring up a standard racecard plus four ratings unique to Betfan. These are for each horse’s performance over course, distance, race type and on the prevailing going. These are combined to give a rating for each horse. This obviously has its limitations but could be a useful additional tool in assessing all-aged handicaps.

Betfan partners with TipsterPlanet and Betworld reviews. TipsterPlanet provides the opportunity to access every tipster on the platform for a set monthly or quarterly fee (£19.99 or £34.99). Betworld Reviews is a free service designed to bring you the low-down on the best (and worst) services out there. There are also free systems to download and the latest new customer offers from bookmakers. You also have free access to Betfan TV, a YouTube channel promoting the site.

Once you get past all the “free stuff”, it is time to look at the serious aspect of the tipsters themselves!


Betfan Tipsters

All the named Tipsters have been through the Betfan proofing period of 16 to 20 weeks before joining the site. You can access the best performing services via the “Champions” link. This brings up a table that you can view for the last month, previous month, last 3 to 6 months or the year to date. There is also a year-by-year analysis and an All-time Champion.

There are 35 Tipsters showing in the current table with Super Lucky 15 top for July with a healthy 460 point profit. As the name suggests, this service gives you four selections for a Lucky 15 bet every day. As with a number of these advertised services, it is limited to a set number of members at the advertised price, in this case £40 per month or £75 per quarter. The fees vary for each registered Tipster but watch out for the pop-up boxes offering discounts and introductory offers.

If you click on the “proof” link on the right hand side of the Tipster’s name, you can see a graph showing wins and losses since the service was launched. This reveals a certain amount of volatility with an all-time profit of 4715 points but a loss of 1040 on the year to date. This feature will certainly help you in finding the right service for your favoured approach to betting.

Second in the table in July and leading over the past 6 months is Lucky 7 Naps. This is a very different approach, targeting races of 7 or fewer runners for the best win bets. There is certainly far less volatility in his graph which shows a steady upward curve since January 2014 and a total points gain of 8189. This is reflected in the 25% Return on Investment and 23% strike rate.

Another leading Betfan tipster is Racefan who has around 20 years’ experience as a professional gambler. He claims to have benefitted from a friendship with a famous on course gambler, although he does not name them. He boasts an impressive 61% ROI and a 49% strike rate to best odds guaranteed and advised stakes. You can alter the graph to reflect different time periods, advised odds or Starting Price and level or suggested stakes.

Betfan tips are provided via email, via the Betfan members area or through the Betfan App. The App is available on Apple IOS and Android and provides up to four free betting tips per day. You can make your subscription payments through Visa, Mastercard, Skrill or Paypal. Betfan Tips come with a suggested points stake in the range of one to five. You can assign a cash value to each point, according to your betting budget. You can cancel future payments but subscriptions are generally non-refundable. However, Betfan will listen sympathetically to any complaints, should the need arise.


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