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Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions

The Type Of Restrictions Bookmakers Can Impose

Bookmakers generally have an ethos that average punters have good-spells and bad-spells, so you’ll probably have to show consistent profits for a while before they start to take notice of you.

The first-time they notice your success, they may choose to make a small restriction, along the lines of limiting your account by removing the Best-Odds-Guaranteed Offer.

If your success continues, they then may take a further step to limit your stakes to an amount less than your average-bet.

However, if you continue to win, especially if you win-big, bookmakers are within their rights to close your account for good.

Types Of Betting That Gets You Flagged-Up

Arbing (which is basically backing both outcomes to guarantee a profit when the market allows you to) will usually get you flagged-up very quickly. That’s because most “Arbers” bet in big-amounts to maximise the profit from these no-lose scenarios. Your maximum-stake will usually get limited very quickly if you only “Arb”.

Traders also tend to get flagged-up quite quickly, and punters who constantly back market-movers to big-money, usually with the idea of later trading them on the exchanges at a lower-price later in the day, will soon have their skills noticed.

How To Avoid Betting Restrictions If Following A Tipster

The first-step to avoid betting restrictions is to open as many Bookmaker Accounts as possible. This will enable you to, not only get the best-prices about the selections your tipster recommends, but also allow you to spread your bets around when two or more bookies are offering the top-price. Placing £5 bets at four different bookmakers, rather than a £20 bet at one bookmaker, means you won’t draw as much attention to the amount your staking, or the amount you win.

You can also use the exchanges when the price-available is at least equal to the best-price available with the bookmakers, though you’ll need to factor in any commission you need to pay. However, you will miss out on Best-Odds-Guaranteed if your selection drifts.

You may also wish to consider placing some bets at Betfair SP, especially in strong-markets in which popular newspaper or website tipsters like the Racing Post’s Pricewise has put-up an alternative selection.

It’s also a good idea to not make big withdrawals, or make significant withdrawals too often, as these will also bring unwanted attention very quickly.

Finally, if you do find your accounts getting restricted, then you may have to box-clever by backing horses with bookmakers that you think will lose. Of course, you shouldn’t just throw your money away, but lay these potential-losers back on the exchanges to guarantee a no-win/no-lose situation.

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