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The Benefits Of Following A Tipster

A horse racing tipster isn’t something you can become overnight. Just like any other job, you need to put in the time needed to learn your trade and, once you’ve done that, you need to continue to put-in the hours every day to be able to pick enough winners to show a profit. Even the most experienced amateur punters, or at least the ones who have a day-job, find it almost impossible to find the number of hours needed to stay ahead of the game. 

That’s why following an experienced tipster is usually a step in the right direction for most amateur punters who don’t have much time to study properly. Instead of just picking selections at random, or following newspaper pundits who tend to produce yearly losses – you’ll be following the advice of someone who stakes his reputation and his own money on his selections in order to make a living.

Subscribing to a decent tipster also only costs between £1 and £2 a day on average, but that’s still cheaper than buying the Racing Post every day – so you could even make a saving before you start making a profit.

Management Of The Betting-Bank And Staking-Plan

Another problem area for most amateur punters tends to be their management of their betting-bank and staking-plan. Many don’t start-off with the correct betting bank, and don’t understand the importance of using a staking-plan that goes hand-in-hand with that betting-bank.

A Professional Tipster understands his betting-bank needs to contain at least 100-times his average stake, and he must stick rigidly to his staking-plan throughout both losing and winning runs. These disciplines are key to making long-term profits.

Enjoy A Long-Term Return On Investment

Professional Tipsters aren’t looking to retire tomorrow. Instead, they’re looking to make a reasonable wage for the hours they put in – just like anyone who works for a living. The difference is, they tend to set long-term goals, in the knowledge that there will be peaks and troughs throughout the year. However, providing they continue to do their job well, they will expect to make an annual Return On Investment far in excess of those rubbish bank-rates. Of course, people who follow a tipster can also enjoy this long-term return on investment.

Winning Is Much More Fun Than Losing

Every professional tipster understands just how gratifying it is to pick winners. However, if you can’t pick winners consistently, losing money “should” become annoying. Therefore, following a successful tipster will also be a lot more fun than backing losers.

Make Extra Money For Just A Few Minutes Work A Day

Following a successful tipster also means that you can earn an extra income for just a few minutes work a day. There’s no need for all that studying. Simply set-up a direct-debit to pay your subscription on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, pick-up your tips from your email inbox, and place your bets as specified. All you need to do then is sit back and enjoy making a long-term profit with a cracking return on investment.

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