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CAP Advertising Guidelines For Tipsters

CAP Advertising Guidelines For Tipsters

The biggest complaint about betting tipsters is how can they prove they have tipped the winning selections they claim to have tipped. Therefore, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has written new guidelines for tipsters which are aimed at making the relationship between tipsters and punters a level playing field for both parties. The CAP ethos is one The Tipster League has embraced, and it is very much looking forward to a future in which tipsters and punters exist together in mutually beneficial harmony.

Register Results with An Independent Body

An area that disreputable tipsters used to be able to exploit is the lack of an independent body that could verify the winnings. The Racing Post used to verify results for the tipsters who advertised with them, whilst solicitors and accountants have acted on behalf of tipsters in a legal capacity.

However, many tipsters are now using independent websites to verify their results and showcase these results to punters in a way that satisfies the CAP Guidelines.

The Tipster League is one of these independent websites, but it's one that goes the extra mile when it comes to proofing tipster services.

Previous Winnings

All tipsters tend to use previous winners and winnings to highlight why punters should become a subscriber to their service. However, this sort of advertisement must now follow CAP Guidelines.

Most tipster services tend to have peaks and troughs but, whilst they may use these profitable peaks to highlight their success, they should in no way suggest this profit will be or can be achieved on a regular basis. Therefore, it is recommended that tipster services also show their average monthly profits so that punters can accurately gauge its overall success.

The Tipster League has taken these regulations to the extreme in an effort to allow tipsters to showcase their talents and for punters to be able to see those talents, and any weaknesses a punter may have. The Tipster League compiles statistical analysis of how a tipster averagely performs at Advised Stakes, Level Stakes, Industry SP, and Betfair SP. You can also quickly see the number of average bets, total and average stakes, average odds of selections, average strike rate, average return on investment, and average profit. Profit and return on investment figures are also shown after tipster fees have been deducted so that punters can see the actual net profit they can hope to make if a tipster service continues to perform at the same level in the future.

No Guarantee of Success

Whilst most punters understand previous winning figures are not indicative of future success, some inexperienced punters can easily fall into the trap of disreputable tipster services who use false advertising to try and lure them in. Therefore, tipster services should no longer make any suggestions that they can guarantee profits. They should also no longer describe themselves as investment opportunities. Sports Betting, whether it's on horse racing, football, golf or any other sport, doesn't always go to plan – there are no certainties whatever the odds. Therefore, sports betting should always be portrayed as a fun battle against the bookies. One that can be made more fun if you do find a genuinely good tipster.

The Tipster League has made it its goal to find the best betting tipsters in the land and, by providing punters with independent accurate figures that comply with CAP Guidelines, punters should be able to make informed decisions about which tipster services they want to subscribe to.

Odds Declared Fairly

Another big area of complaint is that the advised odds of selections recommended by tipsters are often unavailable to many subscribers. This is because bookies may be quick to cut standout prices, especially small bookies who do not hold prices for a guaranteed length of time.

The Tipster League only accepts and records bets at prices that are available with two or more of the leading bookmakers such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfair, Coral, and Paddy Power. However, it also goes one step further as it only counts Paddy Power and Betfair as one company and Coral and Ladbrokes as one company. When a tip is recommended, The Tipster League instantly takes a screenshot of the prices available to record these as proof.

Being Socially Responsible

Gambling can lead to financial worries for punters. Therefore, just like bookmakers have been made to promote responsibility when it comes to gambling, so have tipsters. That's why The Tipster League is doing everything in its powers to provide tipsters with the perfect platform to advertise accurate figures. Ones that punters can see and react to in a way that should avoid the need for unnecessary financial risk.

Owen Smith
Director Owen Smith


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