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The Honest Tipster
The Honest Tipster
The Honest Tipster
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Elle's Tips
Elle's Tips
Elle's Tips
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The Stat Man
The Stat Man
The Stat Man
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This week’s pro tipster is The Honest Tipster

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The Honest Tipster
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10/11 (20p R4) - 07 Dec
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2/1 - 05 Dec
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9/2 - 04 Dec
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2/1 - 03 Dec
9/4 - 02 Dec
8/1 - 02 Dec
Lady Percival
5/2 - 29 Nov
15/2 - 28 Nov
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2/7 - 26 Nov
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1/1 - 20 Nov
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10/3 - 11 Nov
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6/1 - 09 Nov


Is this really free?
Yes! This service is completely free, and it always will be.
All you have to do is sign up. We don’t need any personal info or payment details at all.
How many tips will I get?
We guarantee you’ll get at least one free tip per day.
Do I have to bet?

Absolutely not. It’s completely up to you whether you want to act on our tips or not.

If you do decide to place a bet, we provide links to load up your betting slip instantly, so you don’t even have to search for the tip.

How much should I bet?

Results on our site are shown using £10 stakes, but it’s entirely up to you what you choose to bet.

Remember, the golden rule of betting is to only bet what you’re comfortable with.

Are these tips sure-fire winners?
We can’t guarantee that every tip will win. What we can guarantee is that you will only receive tips from our best-performing tipsters right now.
Can I check out each tipster’s results?

Yes! You can use our online league to review every result from every tipster – including both winners and losers.

We update the results live, so our statistics are always accurate.

How will I get my free tips?
We’ll send your tips by email as soon as they’re available, at the same time as paying subscribers.
What time will I receive my free tips?
It varies from tipster to tipster, but most tend to send out their tips in the evening before the race, so you can get better odds.
Will I receive any other emails?
No. All you’ll receive is our daily free tips email, plus a weekly results roundup where we reveal this week’s new tipster.
Can I cancel?
Yes, you can cancel your free subscription whenever you want.
If these tips are so good, why are they free?

We send out free tips to showcase our best tipsters and to give you a feel for what it’s like to follow a real pro.

Our free tips are just a taste of the many high-quality tipsters available through paid subscriptions on our site.

If you like the results, we hope you’ll choose a paid subscription to one or more of our pro tipsters, as many other punters have.

How do you decide which tips to offer for free?

We only ever feature tipsters who have a proven track record and are in red-hot form.

Typically, we’ll ask our top-performing pro tipster one week to provide free tips for the next.

If you’re worried about being palmed off with second-rate tips on the free service, don’t be. Remember, we’re hoping you’ll subscribe to our pro tipsters, and we won’t achieve that by giving you bad tips.

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