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Big Race Profit Basher

Big Race Profit Basher

Active since Apr 2017

Verified by The Tipster League since Apr 2018

Last updated 20 Oct 2018


Bet Per Day


Time Of Tips


Average Profit Per Month

-£113.70 with BOG!


Return On Investment

-32.51% with BOG!

Fully Verified Stats & Results

See How Big Race Profit Basher Performs

Big Race Profit Basher’s average monthly profit is -£118.46 and their return on investment is -33.87%.

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Profit Since Apr 2018

-£795.87 with BOG!


Average Odds


Average Profit Per Month

-£113.70 with BOG!


Return On Investment

-32.51% with BOG!

* Results Based on £3 Per Point

-£829.23 Profit Since April 2018

-£795.87 with BOG!

Recent Winners

12th October 2018

13:50 Newmarket (Rowley)

Sergei Prokofiev - 9/2

Stake: £12.00

Profit: £54.00

6th October 2018

17:35 Newmarket (Rowley)

Klassique - 4/1

Stake: £18.00

Profit: £72.00

16th September 2018

17:25 Curragh

Barbill - 11/2

Stake: £3.00 EW

Profit: £19.80

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Big Race Profit Basher Results

-£829.23 Profit Since 12 Apr 2018


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