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Fantastic Eights

Fantastic Eights

Horse Racing Tipster

Active since Mar 2015

Verified by The Tipster League since Jan 2018


Bets Per Day


Time Of Tips


Average Profit Per Month

£47.96 with BOG!


Return On Investment

7.83% with BOG!

Who Is Fantastic Eights?

Who is the mysterious Fantastic Eights?

He’s a well-established tipster who likes to look for the edge instead of living on it.


He goes for races with eight runners and waits until he knows who’s running and who’s not.

He sits tight to get the big picture and doesn’t jump the gun by sending tips out early.

Is he your Fantastic tipster?


Fantastic Eights Statistics

Fantastic Eights’ results are totally transparent. You can see just how effective his system is.
He’s fine-tuned it over years and it’s now delivering an average of £25.30 monthly profit and 4.13% return on investment.

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Profit Since Jan 2018

£431.66 with BOG!


Average Odds


Average Profit Per Month

£47.96 with BOG!


Return On Investment

7.83% with BOG!

* Results Based on £2 Per Point

£227.66 Profit Since January 2018

£431.66 with BOG!

Recent Winners

16th September 2018

16:30 Bath

Bawaasil - 1/1

Stake: £10.00

Profit: £10.00

15th September 2018

17:55 Doncaster

Byron Flyer - 7/1

Stake: £10.00

Profit: £70.00

13th September 2018

15:00 Doncaster

God Given - 7/1

Stake: £10.00

Profit: £70.00

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Fantastic Eights Results

£227.66 Profit Since 1 Jan 2018


Fantastic Eights Review

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