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The world of online horse racing tips can be shady. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who the best tipsters are, or what you’re really getting for your money.


Not anymore.


The Tipster League has been specially created to help casual and committed punters find the top-performing tipsters from across the web.


All our tipsters’ bets are publicly recorded, at achievable odds, and our leagues are based purely on performance. All our stats are fully accurate and updated live, with wins going up as soon as the race results are in.


On top of that, before we allow a tipster to appear in our leagues, we carefully vet them to make sure they’re bona fide, with a solid record of getting results.


It all adds up to a level playing field for punters and tipsters alike.

"The Tipster League has been specially created to help casual and committed punters find the top-performing tipsters from across the web."

What is The Tipster League?

The Tipster League aggregates horse racing tips from premium tipsters across the web.

We research hundreds of top-performing tipsters, publish their tips and rank them by results, so you can choose the ones who’ll help you make more money.

Our leagues

We showcase tipsters’ results in four different leagues: Advised Stakes, Level Stakes, Betfair Starting Price and Pro (bets placed after 11am).

We offer more stats than any other tipster site. You can browse and rank tipsters by ROI, total profit, win strike rate, average odds and many more.

That helps you choose the ones that suit your budget, your betting style and your level of commitment.

Why join?

As a TTL member, you can get immediate access to the hottest tips as soon as they’re published, by text or email.

You can view a monthly breakdown of a tipsters' performance from their profile page. We analyse their performance by course, class, distance, surface, and several other useful categories.

We’ll also send you our regular free newsletter, with tipster updates, standout bets and our pick of the hottest tipsters, plus special offers.

For a taste of what we do, subscribe to our free racing tips.


We find the best tipsters

We find the best tipsters

We use our extensive network to gather only the most successful horse racing tipsters in the betting industry.

We verify their tips

We verify their tips

We use Timeform – a leading racing data provider – to make sure each of our tipsters’ results are accurate and up-to-date.

You get the real-time results

You get the real-time results

See the tipsters ranked by performance so you can choose a tipster and start getting high-quality tips.


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