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The Best Horse Racing Tipsters – Ranked

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  • British, Irish & UAE Racing only.
  • Standings are updated daily.
  • Only win and each-way bets are included in our results. We do not accept lay, forecast, reverse forecast, tricast or placepot bets.
  • Rule 4 deductions are applied where necessary.
Show League Info
Pos. Tipster Total Profit
1 JM Tipster 568.90pts
2 On The Up Racing 564.16pts
3 Garytips 376.99pts
4 Racegod 317.48pts
5 Jaguar Sports 214.83pts
6 Racing Tictac 211.27pts
7 Chat's Top Tips 140.71pts
8 roma26 119.03pts
9 Formula Man 81.23pts
10 Davy Craig 60.35pts
11 Car's Tips 33.71pts
12 TopTips 30.69pts
13 Inside The Stable 29.77pts
14 Russell Fellowes 23.81pts
15 It's The Napster 16.14pts
16 The Outside Nap 15.49pts
17 Malcolm Robinson 6.24pts
18 Shwainz Tips 6.20pts
19 PowerPlace 5.42pts
20 Festival Tips 3.33pts
21 Beaumontiques Racing 0.57pts
22 Tommy The Tipper -5.16pts
23 The Don -6.55pts
24 sod the odds -7.30pts
25 Cobra -14.11pts
26 Bash The Bookie -19.35pts
27 Vincent -26.26pts
28 Racing Patent -35.63pts
29 Paul Lewis -41.63pts
30 Si King -42.35pts
31 Fletcher's Flyers -50.97pts
32 The Punters Curse -52.74pts
33 Tuckman Tips -56.71pts
34 Hedging Your Bets -56.73pts
35 The Honest Tipster -57.69pts
36 Discourse Racing -65.40pts
37 Mark Jenkins -126.32pts
38 WLTIPS -127.60pts
39 MD Racing -131.70pts
40 Valentine's racing -169.58pts
41 Billy's Big Ones -190.39pts
42 Carl Buckley -268.29pts
43 Peter Hartley -278.03pts
44 Formster -342.70pts
45 Mr Green Up -582.63pts


Are you in search of ways to enhanace your horse racing betting journey? Look no further! The Tipster League stands as your ultimate destination to explore some of the best horse racing tipsters in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned punter with the aim of building a portfolio of expert tipsters or a newcomer ready to embark on an exciting betting journey, our platform is thoughtfully designed to provide you with verified results and statistics, empowering you to make well-informed decisions when choosing the best horse racing tipster for you.

Why Choose The Tipster League?

At The Tipster League, we wholeheartedly recognise the paramount importance of reliable results and statistics within the realm of horse racing tipsters. Our dedicated team commits itself to the rigorous task of checking and verifying each tip offered by our tipsters. We then rank them in our league table to ensure you have access to the most current and credible information. Here's why you can rely on us to assist you in your horse racing betting journey:

  • Unbiased Rankings: We take pride in offering unbiased and transparent rankings of tipsters based solely on their verified results.

  • Verified Information: We go to great lengths to meticulously verify each tipster's historical data and results, ensuring that the statistics we present are accurate and up-to-date.

  • Instant Access: Our tipsters offer you the advantage of instant access to their tips. When you subscribe to a tipster on our site, you will promptly receive their tips via email the moment they are published, allowing you to secure the best odds available.

Selecting The Best Horse Racing Tipster:

When it comes to choosing the best horse racing tipster for your betting journey, it's pivotal to consider these essential factors:

  • Long-Term Performance: Our platform thoughtfully showcases tipster results over various date ranges, allowing you to gauge a tipster's performance over time and assess their current form. Seek out tipsters that rank highly in our leaderboard over long-term date ranges.

  • Transparency: Transparency is ingrained in the very foundation of our platform. Every facet of a tipster's historical performance, including the outcomes of each tip, is laid out transparently on their profile. We firmly believe in providing you with all the necessary data to make confident selections.

Enhance Your Horse Racing Betting Journey Today

Are you eager to embark on a more informed and exciting horse racing betting journey? Don't delay. Browse our league table now and review the most up-to-date information on some of the best horse racing tipsters in the industry. Subscribe to a tipster and you'll gain immediate access to their expert tips

Place your trust in The Tipster League to assist you on your betting journey, while keeping in mind that even our top-ranked tipsters, with their proven track records, cannot guarantee future success. In the unpredictable world of horse racing betting, certainty is a rarity. However, our platform equips you with comprehensive results and statistics, empowering you to make well-informed decisions based on historical data.


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