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The Best Poker Players Ever

It's safe to say that when it comes to poker, if you play your cards right you can walk away with a huge win. However, as with all high-stakes card games, the reality is that you can sometimes come away with nothing. Rather than deter keen players though, the thrill of such a gamble often seems to be the appeal - the chance to win big keeps them playing on and coming back for more. You could say that poker is only for the brave.

Poker isn't the only exciting way to bet though. Those who enjoy the thrill that poker offers can also find the adrenaline rush they crave with horse racing betting. Bookmakers like are reporting an uptake in new player sign-ups.

Now let's get back to poker and take a look at the people who are dominating the industry at the absolute top of the game. These are without a doubt, some of the best poker players ever:

Bryn Kenney

Taking the top spot at the moment is Mr Kenney. Originating from the US, Bryn reportedly has more than $55.5 million to his name – a fortune gained entirely from playing poker! His biggest influx of winnings came from the Triton Million in August of 2019 where he came in third place, taking over $20 million dollars in spoils for his participation. He's been in the poker game for much longer than just one tournament though, participating in his first ever gig way back in 2007. Since that debut he has been consistently adding to his net worth. Most events he plays in offer hundreds of thousands in winnings. He is well known for his amazing bluffing skills which allow him to make power moves. Maybe he could give us a few lessons?

Justin Bonomo

Bonomo managed to take one of the top spots due to his success in collecting massive wins from events like the ​World Series of Poker​. From just that one event in 2018, he took away $10 million dollars. He has continuously participated in all the High Roller Bowl competitions and even won the full prize of $5 million. In addition to this he also managed to win the exact same tournament throughout different locations such as Macau. So, it's not surprising to see that his net worth is around $45 million.

We think that there's more to come from Bonomo yet and that he will continue to amass winnings and add to his fortune. Definitely one to watch, ladies and gentlemen.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel had the nickname of Kid Poker, due to him being known to have a whack and a go at playing poker. This guy played all the major competitions consistenly for many years and it was not until 2018 that he actually managed to win a considerable amount of money. He bagged millions of dollars from the World Series event and propelled himself to the top of the list of poker players.

Negreanu has really worked hard for the 41.8 million-dollar fortune that he has amassed over the years. He's attended over 108 events across the world and rarely took first place in any of them. He did make a finalist out of 38 of them though, so there is no doubting his consistency. Arguably it is more advantageous to show consistency in performance than to win inconsistently. Negreanu has proven through his multiple finalist positions within his career that he possesses an uncanny ability to read his opponents very well.

In 2014 Daniel managed to make the ​Poker Hall of Fame​, which we believe he definitely deserves, due to being a player of consistency throughout his poker gaming career. Poker is a serious pastime, we know many people play it for fun, and that is more than fine. However, there is definitely an art when it comes to reading people so well. It is not something that you develop overnight either, as practice makes perfect!

Dan Smith

Dan Smith has always made it clear that he is just moving onwards and upwards. He is not one of the most vocal of those players who do this for a living - he usually just gets it done and lets his performance do the talking. He first made an impact and got noticed for his talents in gambling back in 2012. He won the ​Aussie Poker Championship​, which gave him a respected amount of $1.4 million. He then went on to showcase his talents further by winning the 2018 World Series of Poker Big One Drop for the 4 million dollar win too.

The Triton Million was also another highly memorable moment, as he managed to come third place which awarded him $8.7 million. There is no doubt about it, he is becoming a very well-known face in the world of poker. It is estimated that he will dramatically increase in the world rankings and hit first place within the next few years. His current fortune is $36.7 million dollars, we expect that to soar higher, with his dedication to the field.

Erik Seidel

The last but certainly not the least poker star on our list, Erik has a world ranking of 5 and a combined net worth of $35.7 million. He is far older than the others mentioned within this list, however you could say that he is a man who knows everything there is to poker and his age only adds to his experience in the field.

Erik is an eight-time champion of the World Series of Poker and also has 35 finalist tables to add to his career monumental moments. One moment that all the oldies who follow poker news will remember, is the moment when Seidel managed to finish in second place, in the Main Event with Johnny Chan. Erik is still going places when it comes to his poker talents. He has less low place margins than even the top poker player in this list. His win rate is far superior, as he played less but won far more!

Owen Smith
Director Owen Smith


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