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Deano's Horses

Deano's Horses


Verified by The Tipster League since Oct 2018

Last updated 7 Oct 2018

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About Deano's Horses


Profit Since Oct 2018


Average Odds


Average Profit Per Month


Return On Investment


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* Results Based on £10.00 Per Point


Deano's Horses' Statistics

Deano's Horses’ total profit since joining The Tipster League is -£230.00, averaging -£76.67 per month with a return on investment of -100.00%.

-£230.00 Profit Since October 2018

Deano's Horses Results

-£230.00 Profit Since 3 Oct 2018

  • 1 bets per day on average

  • total profit

  •  average monthly profit

  • % return on investment

* Results for Deano's Horses are calculated at £10 per bet.


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