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MD Racing

MD Racing


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Return On Investment

* Results Based on £10.00 Per Point


Recent Winners

1st June 2023

16:00 Yarmouth

Lady Eros - 11/4

Stake: £15.00

Profit: £41.30

11th May 2023

18:10 Thirsk

We'renotreallyhere - 9/2

Stake: £15.00

Profit: £52.50

10th April 2023

16:10 Cork

Dundaniel - 11/4

Stake: £15.00

Profit: £41.30

About MD Racing


How are bets sent out and how do I access them?


Whenever I issue a bet you will automatically receive an email notification. This email will contain a link to view the bet.


What time are bets sent out?


Bets will be issued on the day of the race at 10:00 am UK time.


How many tips are sent out?


1 bet per day.


What is the recommended betting bank?


I recommended that you start with a 150 point betting bank.

To calculate your cash value simply divide your betting bank by 150.

For example, £1,500 divided by 150 = £10 per point.

Each bet will carry a maximum stake of 3 points to win.

MD Racing Results

-£822.60 Total Profit

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